Planning of Marketing Strategy – The step of running the Integrated Web Marketing

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1.Analyze the valuation of customers and prospective customers

Think "budget marketing as an investment",and think "customers as an asset".
And analyze the ROI of marketing activities.

For example, try to analyze something like the following.

- The ROI for business segments
- The ROI for a particular customer segment
- The ROI for customer acquisition cost of prospects
- The ROI for direct mail

2.Creating a marketing concept

By creating a marketing concept, it can be made to be a consistent clear marketing activities of the entire business.

What you decide in the marketing concept will look like the following.

- Purpose of marketing
- How to achieve the purposes of marketing
- Target markets and customer segments
- Positioning(Niche market)
- Brand identity

3.Development of marketing messages

The marketing message, consistent with the customer insight, you need to create "consistent" and "clarity" message based on the USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

Function of the marketing message is divided into 2.

Function of transmitting a message about the brand
Function for expanding the concept of such services and products,and the mind share of the customer

Function of transmitting incentives on brand
Function to transmit the benefits such that the obtained for both the customer and the company

4.Selection of marketing tactics(tools)

Along the marketing concept, we will spread the message by each marketing tactic(tools).
We will choose the each tactic(tools) while thinking about ROI.

The point is that "you are running the test marketing by investing small at first. And, evaluate the each tactic(tools),then invest greater".

5.Creating a marketing calendar

Create a schedule each execution of marketing tactics (tools), we are writing to the calendar year specifically.

So we will have a postscript and change always better that you created in such as "EXCEL", "Google Spreadsheets" is convenient.

It is possible to execute a marketing plan by that dropped into the marketing calendar.
In addition, it is possible to centralize information on marketing strategy.

Should keep by writing along with the marketing schedule is the following items.

- How to improve the differences between the marketing goals
- Achievement of marketing objectives (such as weekly, monthly)
- Budget of marketing tactics(tool) (for example, weekly, monthly)
- Evaluation of marketing tactics (tool)
- Results of the ROI of marketing tactics (tool)



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