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1.Based on the customer data and identify customers and prospective customer
base of the company

Redefine the customers and prospective customers

The objective is to away from stereotypes, to identify the customers and prospects of the company from the voice of the customer and data.

There are words of Peter Drucker, "That you are thinking companies know about the market and customers. Be wrong than to be correct many".
To reconsider the idea to its customers, and re-define the customers and prospective customers.

Way of customers and prospective customers analysis

If there is no customer database, you do hearing directly to the customer.
In that case, you have to list the contents to be hearing in order to save customers time and your company.

First, "quantitative analysis" is carried out by collecting data from customer lists, etc..
Then, the distance between the customer in Snall Business is close, do the "qualitative analysis" by, for example, listen to regular customers.

Quantitative Analysis

Analyze numerically from the data.
For example,analyze data from such as sales, profit margins, age group,target area.

Qualitative Analysis

Analyze that hard into data.
Analysis in terms sensory impressions and evaluation of products and services.

In the case of you have just entrepreneurial

In the case of freshly entrepreneurship, consider the assumed customers and prospects.

What kind of customer that you want to deliver their services?

And Do you have close customer?

What features of the customer (age, sex, and other characteristics)?

Do they participate in any community network?

Then, directly to the hearing person close to the customer it is assumed, to perform the analysis.

2.Identify the customer insight

In the course of "1.Based on the customer data and identify customers and prospective customer
base of the company", we made ​​a quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis.

In the process, you are able to identify almost their customers.

The following will continue to clarify the customer insight.

An important aspect of this step is that on the basis of quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis, we consider for the "results that are derived objectively" thoroughly.

There is no problem if customer insight as it was thought in-house, but we will analyze firmly the cause if different.

3.Market and competitive research

Once you have identified the customer insight, the next step is done the research of competitors and market corresponding to the Customer Insight.

All you need to research to be similar to the following.

Where and how they are using the services similar to our own?

Why customers do take the buying behavior like that?

By that service, whether the customer has won what value?

By that service, customers do they solve what problem?

4.Make a USP(unique selling proposition)

From the result of the research steps up to now, we make of their own USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

The USP(Unique Selling Proposition), to become the foundation of the marketing concept and message marketing strategy, you need to create a clear USP.

5.Verification and analysis of the business model

Assemble the marketing strategy based on USP(Unique Selling Proposition), to verify and analyze if there is a problem with the the business model.

It is also possible to first assemble the business model above, to verify and analyze the marketing strategy.
However, please do not forget to assemble a business model around the customer as a starting point the customers at that time.



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