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Recognized as the "assets" the customer

Marketing expenses has been considered a cost.
However, ROI for marketing expenses can now be measured relatively easily by technology developed.

Given as an asset customers, ROI for the marketing costs will be clear.

Business segment of the company as an investment, you will be able to compare business segments, such as real estate investment and equity investment.

Of course, there is a huge advantage for their business unlike the real estate investment and equity investment.

Integration of marketing messages

You can increase the effect of marketing by pick a marketing message, and focus on customer specific category(niche market).

The disunity of the marketing message, there is a possibility, for example, occurs between "support department and sales department" and "online and offline".

Disunity of the marketing message would lead to a decrease in brand value.

By the established "unique", "clear", "consistent" marketing message along process of "Integrated Web Marketing", it is possible to maximize the ROI of marketing strategy.

Repeatable marketing system

Marketing, there were many be planning on the basis of experience and sensation.

It is because the time and money it takes a very long to collect and analyze marketing data. In particular, the trend is noticeable in Small Business.

By systematizing marketing, marketing techniques have been performed intuitively is refined.
And I will be a repeatable process based on the measured value of the ROI-based.

In addition, management resources required a lot of it when you test marketing in the traditional marketing methods.

In addition, there was also susceptible to serious damage if it is different from the market forecast in advance.

However, by running around the web marketing, it is possible to minimize the resources of test marketing.
And also, it can be modified easily even when it was different prediction in advance.

In addition, it will be possible by the increase in communication due to social network services, contact communication with the audience is increased and smoothly efficient process of "Integrated Web Marketing".

It is possible to build a marketing system that changes in real time based on customer insight.



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