About Amelt.net,LLC.

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We solve the marketing problem with a cost-effective IT system.


Nice to meet you, I am Kuniyoshi Takemoto. Founder of Amelt.net,LLC.

Amelt.net, LLC is proposing a digital marketing plan and cost-effective IT system specialized for individual/small business.
In addition, we support planning, execution and support as a permanent business partner.
In particular, for individuals and small and medium enterprises with limited management resources, it is often chosen to outsource the entire digital marketing department to us.

Our field of specialty is the domain of "digital marketing × IT system".

The advantages of your company by partnership with Amelt.net, LLC are as follows.
1.As we do it all together until the planning, development and maintenance of digital marketing/IT system according to management strategy, we can achieve high cost effectiveness.
2.Based on the lean software development method, it is possible to suppress the cost/failure risk by developing by repeating the hypothesis verification in functional units as to whether it is effective for business.
3.We provide ongoing maintenance support such as frequently optimizing digital marketing/IT system from data obtained by feedback.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, work consultations (at the planning stage as well, from both aspects of digital marketing and IT systems), consultation of article advertisements, etc. from the inquiries page.

Mission of Amelt.net,LLC.

Through digital marketing, collaborate with business partners to promote innovation, and contribute to people and society.

Company Profile

Company NameAmelt.net, LLC.
Founding YearJuly 2008
CEOKuniyoshi Takemoto(竹元國嘉)
Head Office Location544-0004
Tatsumi-kita, Ikuno-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan