AccessVBA/Macro:Change history function, Sample code for user selection function by password, etc…

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Access sample code books are available at the Amazon Kindle store.

We sell books with Access sample code on the Amazon Kindle store.

Sample code and explanation of the following 3 examples with about 1000 characters and images.
The environment assumes Access2016, Windows7,10.

Table of Contents:
1. Automatically back up Access files at startup.
2. User selection screen(access restrictions with each user password) and menu screen depending on user privileges.
3. Implement a simple change history function in Access.

Access sample file(.accdb) are available at the Gumroad

A part of the contents explained in "Access2016 Sample Code"(about 1000 characters) currently on sale at Kindle Store(listed above) is sold at Gumroad as an Access sample file(.accdb) that actually work.

Content of enclosed sample file:
1. User selection screen(access restriction with each user password) and sample code that branches the menu screen according to user privileges.(AccessVBA in Visual Basic Editor)
2. Sample macro(event-driven data macro at master_NameList) that implements a simple change history function in Access.

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