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1.Evaluation of the marketing plan

A period of about six months, one year unit, we will make a comprehensive evaluation of marketing strategies and tactics.

From the result of the collection and analysis of feedback data, we will continue to evaluate the marketing plan with a note that was recorded in the marketing calendar.

2.Measurement of ROI by marketing strategy

In each marketing tactics, make the measurement of ROI.

In addition, we also analyzes the factors that affect the marketing effect such as events/fashion influence of season throughout the year.
As a result, we find that timing ROI of marketing strategy is high.

3.Modification of the marketing strategy

We will continue to correct from the note of marketing calendar and evaluation results of the marketing plan.

And we make a note to the marketing calendar of the following fixes.

4.Re-run of the marketing plan

Along the proposed amendment of the marketing strategy, we will continue to run the new marketing strategy.

And always check at regular intervals, we will polish the content that meet the needs and seeds of customers marketing plan.

1.Evaluation of the marketing plan
2.Measurement of ROI by marketing strategy
3.Modification of the marketing strategy



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