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How to use mailchimp

First, you must have created test email list.
Please refer to the [How to Use mailchimp – Creating a Mail Distribution List] Note of how to make mail delivery list.

How to deliver a test email

Create Campaigns

Go to [MailChimp Dashboad > Campaigns].

From the pull-down at the top right of the [Create Campaign], select "Plain-Text Campaign"(Image below).



To which list shall we send?

1.Select the name of the list of test delivery.

2.Select "Send to entire List".

3.Click the "Next".

Campaign Info

Name your campaign:Such as [vol.005-2014-02-17] is easy to understand

When you have finished entering, click "Next".

Create a template for e-mail

It is the short code for embedding such as [*|EMAIL|*].
Short code list is displayed when you click [Merge tag cheatsheet for list].

If you click on [Preview & Test > Open Popup Preview], you can see a preview of the email in the pop-up.



You can test delivered to the email address specified in the [Send a Test Email].

If there is no problem in the test delivery of the mail, click "Next".

Send mail to the list

Click the [Send] to deliver the mail.
The screen is displayed in a pop-up, click on the [Send Now].

Then, mail is sent to the list.

Report of sent mail

You can see in the [MailChimp Dashboad> Reports] reports sent mail.

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