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How to use mailchimp

It is possible to change such as the "Signup forms" for each list in mailchimp.

So, I think best to create e-mail distribution list to target customers by.

Creating a Mail Distribution List

Go to[MailChimp Dashboad > Lists > Create List].

Then, the pages of the following image is displayed.



List name

The name of the mailing list. Be the name that is easy to understand because it can be changed later.

Default "from" name

The name of the default "From" name. Enter the "site name" , "newsletter name" or "company name".

Default "from" email

E-mail address of the default "From E-mail Address". I think e-mail address which made for mail delivery is good.

Remind people how they got on your list

Tell the story the reader is receiving mail.


Enter information of organizations that are delivering mail. The information you enter here will be displayed on the readers.

People can pick email format (HTML or plain-text)

Set readers of whether to be able to select the format(HTML / text) of the email.

Time consuming when creating HTML email.
I recommend the operation of text-only e-mail basically.

Then, press the "Save" when finished entering all.

Step by Step-How to use mailchimp

Next step is [How To Use Mailchimp – Testing Email Delivery].

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