How To Use MailChimp Signup Forms and Translate to Japanese

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How to use mailchimp

Create a Signup form of mailchimp

Go to[MailChimp Dashboad > Lists].



Click the [Signup forms] as the picture above.

There is a way to create a signup forms, [General forms][Embedded forms][Form integrations].

[General forms]

In [General forms], to design and translation, such as "Signup forms" and "Opt-in Confirmation Email".



If you access the link generated by the "Signup form URL", e-mail subscription form appears.

Switch the page design and translation in each menu [Build it][Design it][Translate it].



[Embedded forms]

In [Embedded forms], to generate embed code to display the e-mail subscription form on a Web page.

There is a menu [Classic][Super Slim][Naked[Advanced], the difference is as follows.

[Classic]:Option settings for e-mail subscription form a standard.

[Super Slim]:Set Signup forms of e-mail address only.

[Naked]:Generate code for Signup forms that have disabled javascript and CSS.

[Advanced]:Menu to customize the e-mail subscription form.

[Form integrations]

[Form integrations] is to add Signup forms of mailchimmp to Twitter and wordpress.

Step by Step-How to use mailchimp

Next step is [How to Use mailchimp – Creating a Mail Distribution List].

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