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How to use mailchimp

About Free Pricing Plan



Image above is the plan when it is charged for the number of subscribers a month.

Range of Free Pricing Plan of mailchimp is "As long as you've got fewer than 2,000 subscribers across all lists in your account,you can send up to 12,000 emails per month.".

For now, it is enough to get started small.

In the following pages of mailchimp, it is possible to calculate the fee by entering the assumed number of subscribers.

Mailchimp Feature Comparison of free plan and paid plan.

Following pages of mailchimp, there is a comparison table that is easy to understand.

In comparison with the free plan, the functions can be used only in the pay plan is as follows.


Functions that can as a trigger event specified condition, automatically sending mail.

Feature called "step by step mail" is also realized in Autoresponders.

Spam Filter Diagnostics

Function that will notify the delivery of e-mail that went into the spam filter.

Email Client Testing

Feature that allows you to see the display of the e-mail client of PC/mobile.
This is useful when you want to use HTML mail.

Delivery by Time Zone

Function that can be mail delivery reservation to match the time zone of the each subscriber.

Social Pro

Paid add-ons that are available only for a pay plan.
Function to analyze the reaction in the social network .

Step by Step-How to use mailchimp

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