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If you only want to read offline later to save a Web page in the Android phone, please refer to the article [Android:How to Read Offline Save The Web Page In Default Browser].
Because it is easy to use the function of the browser.

The purpose of this article is to download and save Web page in HTML format.

Download and Saved In HTML Format The Web Page

Recently,I increase to collect information from the news app .

So, I have wanted to do "Saved in HTML format,and bring together the information " without using the function of the browser.

There is also a way to save in PDF format Web page. But I don't like it.

How to use "OffLine Browser"

I use the Android app [OffLine Browser].

Go to [Share button for each news Apps> Shared by other apps > Tap the icon of OffLine Browser].

Icon of OffLine Browser is the image of following.



When you tap the icon of OffLine Browser, and then navigate to the following page.



Tap the [OK & dwnld]

Then you move to the home screen of OffLine Browser, a list of web pages that you have saved is displayed.

By the way, HTML files that are saved in OffLine Browser has been stored in the [sdcard > OffBrowser > cache] folder by default.

It is divided into number of folder for each page that you saved.



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