Android:How to Read Offline Save The Web Page In Default Browser

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When you are searching the internet, you may meet nice Web page.

You want to save the link of the Web page if you just save in the short term.
But if you want to save page permanently, you need to save for offline use.

Save in HTML Web Page With Default Android Browser to Read Offline

The Default Android browser, it is the application that is displayed as image of following.



How to save offline Web page is as follows.

How to Save web page

1.Display the web page you want to save the Android default browser.

2.Press the "menu" button on the left side of the hardware key

3.Menu that appears, tap the "Save for offline reading"

4.Press the button at the top right (bookmark button) as image



5.Pressing the "Saved pages" as image



Thus, Web pages saved in android default browser.

By the way, how to change the android default browser

1.Press and hold the icon of the browser that is in default right now

2.Tap the icon of "About"

3.Tap "Clear defaults" in the "Launch by default"

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