How to remove Simple Login Lockdown when you can not log in

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This post is about how to remove Simple Login Lockdown of wordpress plugin.

How to remove Simple Login Lockdown

There seems to be a way to fix the MYSQL database,or delete a plugin folder of "Simple Login Lockdown".

However, you can also more easily, to remove by changing the name of the folder of Simple Login Lockdown.

Go to the wordpress installation folder [wp-content> plugins].And change the name of the folder of [simple-login-lockdown]. For example, such as [__simple-login-lockdown].

Then, you will be able to login access restrictions Simple Login Lockdown is released.

In my environment, after being locked in the Simple Login Lockdown, I did [Change Login simple-login-lockdown folder name -> Login -> Return to the original name the simple-login-lockdown ].
Then, I was able to work normally even in the time of "Login Lockdown Time".

Access restrictions, seems to work only in the login screen.



By the way, the setting of the Simple Login Lockdown is recommended that you keep it what most strict for enhanced security.

Login Attempt Limit: 5
Login Lockdown Time: 24 Hours

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