Expo React Native: Enabling Remote JS Debugging kills debugging

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When developing React Native using Expo, I encountered an error that the app is killed when I tap Enable Remote JS Debugging to debug, so I leave a memo as a notebook.


After that, it seems that the Expo SDK 39 bug has been fixed, but I haven't tried it.


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After a lot of research, it looked like a bug in Expo SDK 39 at the time of writing, so I downgraded Expo SDK to 38 and fixed it.

However, look at package.json, "expo" has a dependency on "react-native" etc., so I think that simply lowering the version of "expo" will cause problems.
Therefore, you need to refer to the package.json created earlier with Expo SDK 38 to resolve the dependency.

Expo's official blog announces the new Expo SDK and at the same time the article announces which React Native version it supports.

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