Mailchimp Review When E-mail Marketing to Japan

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Article list of "How to use mailchimp"
How to use mailchimp

Compared to the mail delivery system that is provided in Japan, there is a point where a little difficult to use mailchimp.

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The reason for using the mailchimp marketing in Japan

Same mail delivery system is easy to use both English and Japanese

When it is mail delivery system different in Japanese and English, various troubles due to differences in the user interface will occur.
It is not efficient.

I think no problem if only to operate on its own.
But I think the same system is good in case you leave it to other people.

Less costly to be introduced into the mail delivery system in the test

You can start for free in both initial cost and monthly fee to use the mailchimp when starting test marketing.

In addition, even when there is a need to expand the E-mail marketing in the future, it is possible to scale smoothly.

(By the way, the number of subscribers in Japan has become more than 3 million people per, you should use the Japanese domestic mail delivery service is cheap.)

Mailchimp Review When E-mail Marketing to Japan

Garbled characters of Japanese

It has delivered in the mail for a domain mail · Gmail · mobile carriers, but garbled characters of Japanese is occurring subtly for now.

The most likely cause is a matter of "character code".

Easy to use?

Only the first set was hard, but it is easy once mail delivery is finished.

"Step by Step Mail" function

there is a feature called "Autoresponders" at the paid version in mailchimp.
So I can use the functions such as "Step by Step Mail".

Step by Step-How to use mailchimp

Next step is [How To Use MailChimp – About Free Pricing Plan].

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