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Function GetFileNames() As String
  Dim cd As Object
  Dim cp As Object
  Dim tbl As AccessObject
  Dim qry As AccessObject
  Dim frm As AccessObject
  Dim rpt As AccessObject

  Set cd = Application.CurrentData
  Set cp = Application.CurrentProject

  Debug.Print "Table Names:"
  For Each tbl In cd.AllTables
      Debug.Print tbl.Name
  Next tbl

  Debug.Print "Query Names:"
  For Each qry In cd.AllQueries
      Debug.Print qry.Name
  Next qry

  Debug.Print "Form Names:"
  For Each frm In cp.AllForms
      Debug.Print frm.Name
  Next frm

  Debug.Print "Report Names:"
  For Each rpt In cp.AllReports
      Debug.Print rpt.Name
  Next rpt
End Function

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