Android-Opera mini:How to Save Page and Folder Locations

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How to save pages for offline use

1.In Opera browser, display the web page you want to save

2.Tap menu mark next to URL bar and open menu

3.Web page will be saved when you tap the "offline pages"

View the web page that you "save for offline" in Opera

1.Tap OperaLogo mark and open menu

2.Offline viewing from the folder "offline pages"

Folder locations for the "save for offline"


Folder locations that you "offline pages" is, they are stored in extension ".mhtml" in [sdcard > Download] folder by default.

It may not open in other browsers ".mhtml", because the file format different from the ".html".

Basically, if you open the file from the smartphone, better you use the Opera is good.

If the default browser start automatically, [long-press default browser icon > application information > return initial setting].Then you can select the browser that you want to use.

Furthermore, when it is open in the PC, I was able to open in Google Chrome/Internet Explorer(design had collapsed).
And, add-on(UnMHT) was required to open in Firefox.

opera mini

I looked for the folder of the "offline pages", but could not be found.

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