What to do if Feedly does not synchronize between Android devices and the PC

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The connection with the same Google account between Android devices and the PC , Feedly is likely to sync, but it did not sync for some reason in my case.

This post is about sync feedly across devices.

And I read the "Saved for later" if I use Pocket ...

Indeed offline article on "Saved for later" if I use Pocket I read from any PC and, even, but move to an article in the link from the original first if possible, then you want to know the feeling that has been in operation of the site, I want to read as well as profile related articles and other.

Then, free-floating anxiety forever service that ... or followed me Pocket neck of most!

Read It Later / Pocket, which was converted from a free to pay for it to expand what the business model, because it does not seem to know clearly yet.

Why Read It Later/Pocket Went Free

Resolved If you've changed to gReader from Feedly app Android devices!



gReader (Google Reader | RSS)

Change the app from Feedly to gReader you have installed on your Android device, it went well.

gReader is an application that can be connected not only GoogleReader, also Feedly.

Convenience is close to GoogleReader, and it is also possible to read off-line cache.

Of course, updates gReader side are synchronized to Feedly side.


I thought suddenly If you are looking at a service for the Pocket, but felt "RSS is ... be old" and Pocket because it is effective in the site that RSS is not delivered.

The fact that RSS is because stale, information will no longer is coming into it lost after switching to another method quickly, it is likely to be taken care of in gReader the time being.

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