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When I made WordPress into SSL(https), I encountered a situation that SSL(https) was not reflected .
A simple check list is written as a memo for later.

How long does it take to apply SSL(https)?

Reflection time of SSL(https) conversion will be reflected in about one hour.
I think that it will be several hours at the longest, so if your wordpress does not reflect SSL(https) after waiting for several hours, you may be happy if you follow the steps below.

Check with Chrome developer tools

Most of the causes when SSL(https) is not reflected are caused by the part that requests external files via http connection in the loaded page(commonly referred to as Mixed Content).

So, check with Chrome developer tools and modify to request http connection parts such as external files via https connection.

Open Chrome developer tools(F12)
Click on the Security tab on the far right
Reload the page with F5 key and check

You can also check the validity of certificates and connections at the same time in the Chrome Developer Tools Security tab above.
If the page included Mixed Content(http connections), you can check the contents of http connections request like "View 5 requests in Network Panel" at Network Panel.

By the way, the problem(Mixed Content) due to the situation that SSL is not reflected is when external javascript/CSS/image or XMLHttpRequest includes http connection part.
There is no problem even if the external link destination(the contents of the external link href) is an http connection.

If Mixed Content is the cause, SSL (https) conversion will be reflected immediately.

Delete browser cache on each browser,and super reload

Even if the content of a request that is connected to http is rewritten with https(or does not write http:, it seems to be a relative reference), there are cases where the cache remains in the browser and SSL(https) is not reflected.

In my case, there was a situation that SSL(https) was not reflected in Chrome, but even if I deleted the cache from the browser settings, it was not reflected.
So, I tried super reloading (ignoring the browser cache and loading the page), then it was reflected immediately.
Major browsers(Chrome, InternetExploler, Firefox) can be super reloaded with Ctrl+F5.

Even if browser cache is the cause, I think that SSL(https) conversion will be reflected immediately.

Delete WordPress plug-in's cache and htaccess cache

If you are using WordPress, you may have a cache WordPress plug-in for speeding up or a cache setting in htaccess.

If the problem is solved by the super reload of the browser in the previous section, the story is quick, but if it is not(server side cache problem), clear the cache of the WordPress plugin or comment out the htaccess cache settings(you may have to wait until the cache expires in some cases) and try to reload the browser again.

If the cache of WordPress plug-in or htaccess is the cause, I think that SSL (https) conversion will not be reflected unless the cache is deleted.

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