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When I was looking for a custom wordpress theme of Twenty Fourteen, I found a useful child theme of Twenty Fourteen. That is "Anjirai".(http://wordpress.org/themes/anjirai).



Install, enable Anjirai, and move the [Appearance > Customize].
Then, in addition to the custom features of Twenty Fourteen, the features to change the color of the text and menu like the image is being added. It is quite convenient.

Just because it seems not possible to change the color that appears when you place the mouse cursor on the Secondary Bar (hover), you need to set the code on its own.

It is easy to say that, you add the following code of Anjirai theme [style.css].

It should be noted that here is the order of the code. Please insert the code between [// ** You don't need to ...] and [@import ...].

/*** Code to be added  ***/
.secondary-navigation li:hover > a,
	.secondary-navigation li.focus > a {
		background-color: #000;
		color: #fff;

Code of Anjirai theme of the finished [style.css] will be in the order as follows.

/* Import the CSS file-------------------------*/
@import  '../twentyfourteen/style.css';

.secondary-navigation li:hover > a,
	.secondary-navigation li.focus > a {
		background-color: #fff;
		color: #000;

//**  You don't need to write any code to change colors, just goto customizer and customize your own color **//

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