Google Analyticator instead of Ultimate Google Analytics with the Latest WordPress

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The famous plugin for wordpress to use google analytics was "Ultimate Google Analytics".

However,"Ultimate Google Analytics" is not updated for a long time.So I found a new plugin "Google Analyticator".

Google Analyticator Compatible with the Latest WordPress

Initial setting of the installation after activation

Set from [Dashboard > Settings > Google Analytics].
At first, the screen is displayed, such as the image below.



If you want to see the analysis results in the dashboard

By the way, for me, how to open and save to browser bookmarks the URL of the Google Analytics is easy to use.
So, this part was skipping, and go to "Settings of Google Analyticator".

If you do not need to see the analysis results in the dashboard

Select at the bottom of the page to "Continue Without Authentication".

Settings of Google Analyticator

Google Analytics logging is :

Whether to the traffic analysis in Google Analytics.

Analytics Account :

Account of Google Analytics starting from UA such as "UA-00000-0"

When you log in to Google Analytics, it's appear next to each account list.

Tracking Code :

In the future, use of Universal Analytics is essential that all accounts.

For more information, please refer to the description of Google's following.

Set up Universal Analytics: An overview

You must send data from a Universal Analytics tracking code to to a Universal Analytics property. If you send data from a Universal Analytics tracking code to a non-Universal Analytics property, your data will not be processed.

Track all logged in WordPress users :

Whether to track of users who are logged in to wordpress.

Anonymize IP Addresses :

Whether to "anonymizing of IP address".

User roles to not track :

Check the user rights that do not track with Google Analytics.

Method to prevent tracking :

Select "Remove" as long as there is no feelings in particular.

Enable Remarketing, Demographics and Interests reports :

If you are advertising on Google Adwords, you should consider.

Remarketing List Requirements

Track WordPress Login Page :

Whether to track login page(wp-login.php) of wordpress.

Outbound link tracking :

Whether to track external link.

Event tracking :

Choice as to whether or not treated as "event tracking" not as "page views", downloads and external links.

Enhanced Link Attribution :

For more information, please refer to the link of Google's.

Enhanced Link Attribution

Download extensions to track :

There needs to be "Enabled" the selection of the "Outbound link tracking" in order to enable this feature

Prefix external links with と Prefix download links with :

This function is void if you have to "Enabled" in the selection of the "Event tracking".

Google Adsense ID :

Enter the (ID starting from pub-) Google Adsense ID.

How to check the ID of Google Adsense, please refer to the page of Google's.

Find my publisher ID

Additional tracking code

Unless you want to track special, there is no problem with space.

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