How to get Twitter API key,Consumer key,Access token

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I get lost every time to get the twitter API key,Consumer key,Access token required to OAuth authentication and API.
This is the note for it.

1.Go to Twitter Developers

1.Go to Twitter Developers(,and log in.

2.Move to [Manage Your Apps]

From bottom of the page("TOOLS" menu of the footer), move to the [Manage Your Apps] .

3.Click [Create New App]

Then, Click "Create New App".

4.Input information about the application.

Carefully read the terms and conditions of [Developer Rules of the Road], and accept it by check [Yes, I agree], and proceed by clicking the [Create Your Application].

Then, move to the page like the image below.



5.Set the permissions

In [Permissions] tab, set the permissions required by the application.

6.Get the API key

In the [API keys] tab, you can get the Twitter API key.

7.Get the Consumer key,Access token

To get the key on the OAuth authentication, you click the [Test OAuth],then [Consumer secret:][Consumer key:] appears.
Before you get, [Access token secret] [Access token:] at this page, you must have created an access token by clicking the [Create my access token] in the page of [API keys] at first.

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