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I'm a web marketer, not a programmer.
But I have some work to do with the programming(javascript/PHP/Python/Ruby).

Because my company is small, I have needed to do programming and else.

But it is trend of the times, that even marketers are need to learn programming.
If you are starting a business in a small number of people, and if you know just basics of programming language as a marketer, it can make a big advantage.

Recommended Web Programming Language



What is called "programming language" generally can be divided into the following 3. However, it is not have to worry too much.

- Programming language

- Scripting language

- Markup Language


You need to study always HTML/CSS. HTML/CSS is required even to customize a free blog as a hobby.

HTML is a language for displaying such as this text you are reading now.
CSS(cascading style sheets) is a language for the layout of the website. It is possible to customize the design of the blog if you know CSS.

Genre: HTML is "markup language", CSS is "style sheet language".
Difficulty: The easiest language than any.


Javascript is a scripting language popularity came out more recently.
If you would like to learn a programming language for the job of the web, it is good to study javascript.

javascript has been used, for example, to operate in real time as Google Maps in your browser. In addition, as a familiar example, it is also used to develop applications for Android and iPhone(like phonegap/Titanium).

Since I think the opportunity that javascript is used in the future to come more(Unless it replaces Dart is taken), I think that there is no hurt to keep studying.

Genre: scripting language
Difficulty: It's easy if you just use it easily, but it is difficult as much as C language and JAVA when you study deeply.


This is required when the programming to work with the server (database lile MYSQL).
Such as facebook game app has been developed in PHP most.And wordpress which is the most major blogging system developed using PHP.

PHP is most isefull to work with database and server(like MYSQL). You can study knowledge of the server-related if you study PHP.

Genre: scripting language
Difficulty:Easy to do than JAVA and C language.

Comparison with Web Programming Language

The following programming language is "you do not need to study in a hurry for web development".


One of the programming language of recommended people of beginners to learn.
Appearance of the code so clean because grammar is strict,so it is easy to grasp the content.

There is also an urban legend programming language hackers use that Python. It is famous as the language that Google uses.

In addition, DropBox has been developed in Python, it is very practical.

Genre: scripting language
Difficulty: Easy to do than JAVA or C language.


It may also be good to learn Objective-C if you think you can want to make the application of iPhone.

There is a need to study the Objective-C if you want to create an app that demand fast motion in the iPhone app.

Because such things like a brother C language, difficulty will be much the same as the C language.

Genre: programming language
Difficulty: The same as the C language.


In the familiar example, Android has been developed in JAVA-based.
Programming language that runs on a variety of platforms, it is used in such systems of corporate business systems. It is the language of large-scale development.

It might be good to keep in the study if you want to large-scale development system in the future.

Because it is a language that is not rigid, it is convenient if you want to study the programming firmly.

I also though to grasp the concept of javascirpt, study of JAVA was very helpful.

Genre: programming language
Difficulty: The simple than C language.


One of the programming language that was developed by Google.
Server-side and client-side can be developed in the same programming language.
Language with a great potential. However, you can do the same if you hang in there even javascript.

It does not spread so much for now, but it is said Dart may replace the javascript in the future.

Genre: programming language
Difficulty: Easy to do than JAVA and C language.


There is a major framework for developing Web application called "Ruby On Rails". Twitter was also developed in Ruby On Rails previously.

It is one of the language that people recommend beginners to learn programming language.

Genre: scripting language
Difficulty: Easy to do than JAVA and C language.


Benefits of perl is that reference and library are substantial user so many until a decade ago.
But, with code written for the same purpose, it is with code that was quite different by people who write perl language because it is very free.

So it is not for beginners.

Genre: scripting language
Difficulty: Easy to do than JAVA and C language.

Languages ​​that do not use the Web Programming

C/C++ Language

Extended version of the C language is a C++, it is kind of like brothers.

It is common to C language study first, but it is not so much fun. After you learn the basics of the C language, it is recommended how to learn playing in a scripting language.

The think you should know when to study basic in C, up to about stage "pointer" and "pointer to a pointer".
Then, if you study in the C language around the "Algorithms and Data Structures", code written in other languages ​​can be read.

Some programming languages ​​such as Python and PHP, after all, C language is processing in the background.
So, as you study the programming language, the date that must be face To face with C language is coming.

Which language you should study at first? It will vary depending on the character, and depending on what you want to make.

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