How to write a blog from idea to post for beginner

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Writing a blog post is divided into "How to write a blog post outline" and "the contents of the blog post."
This article is a note about "hHow to write a blog post outline".

Tips for the "contents of the blog post" is that the same as the question of "How can interesting story to a friend How do I".
So, it depends on the personality of the person.

Finding USP(unique selling proposition) of their own is important in marketing basis.

How to write a blog from idea to post for beginner

Work from the idea of blog posts, and publish blog posts and documented, is that it hard than I thought.

But, as go up one by one the long flight of stairs, it is possible to finish the article easily unexpectedly when divided into step-by-step through the process to publish a blog post.

"Output of ideas" on my way to work,
"Summarized in mind map" to break during or skipped a little work.
"Summarizes the text" from the comfort after you have returned home
"Tagging, text check,and publishing blog post" When I wake up in the morning the next day or before going to bed.

And, it will continue without difficulty it would create the habit cycle.

1.The output of the idea

It is time to the moment when I thought, such as "Strike while the iron is hot", and try to write an article about the subject of something easy to get the idea most.

In my case, make a note in a bulleted list into a text editor all that came up.

At this time,so no need to think about logical structure and content of the text.

2.summarized in mind map

Next,summarized in mind map what you noted that you came up with.

Summarize the mind map, it is the purpose of the following.

1.To decide a logical structure, such as title and keywords and H tags for SEO
2.To decide the logical structure and flow of the sentence
3.To clear image in my head the idea

It's "determine the logical structure and flow of the sentence",it is to make the outline of the article.

Outline of the article are decided once, just we fill the rest, you can write an article fun.

3.Summarizes the text

Because such things as are determined almost at the stage of "summarized in the mind map" for the contents of the text, it will continue to text in a natural flow of the image in my head.

At the stage are summarized in mind map if you do not want to apply smoothly, it is a state that is not able to image in my head firmly that you want to write yet in many cases.

4.Tagging, text check,and publishing blog post

Tips at the stage of "public tagging, text check blog post", is to put the time, "put together a sentence" from the stage.

By placing the time, it is possible to view the text of his objective, it is easier to check and strange are spelled correctly and expression.

Interestingly, because the idea comes out more I thought deeply about certain things, it is also possible to rewrite the content better or appended to the text.

Summary:How to write a blog from idea to post for beginner

And it is the completion of the blog post like this article first thing I know.

It is the breakdown as follows: to the time.

Because I spent time piecemeal, which is the time it was reserved for 20 minutes are summarized in a sentence sensible to write a blog.

Output of Ideas: about 5 minutes
Summarized in Mind map: about 10 minutes
Summarizes the text: about 20 minutes
Tagging,text check,and publication blog post: about 5 minutes

Story is long even when I talk to people, writing also becomes long.

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