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If you wanted to try to learning the listening of English comfortably, I think it is easy to lead to all living environment in English environment.
This post is about free android apps for learning English.

Free Apps Recommended for English listening learning

Radio English


[Google Play]Radio English

English radio broadcasting can hear with the script.
And the latest news and scripts are provided in the “Newest” tab in the menu.
I recommend to use this app when you do not know the English words many.

6 minute English Listening

[Google Play]6 minute English Listening

This apps is the part of the “BBC Learning English” which provided by the United Kingdom broadcaster “BBC”.
You can download and listen offline.

Radio FM

[Google Play]Radio FM

This is the apps that can hear radio broadcasters around the world.
Since also attached timer function, it is useful to enjoy listening in bed.
Broadcasters recommended are as follows.


BBC World Service English : News
BBC Radio 4 : News/Talk
BBC Radio 4 Extra: News/Drama


BCN : Comedy
20th Century Radio : Old Radio Show?


[Google Play]TED

This is the first app to be installed for study English .
The contents of the story will also be interesting.

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