How to set up dual display/monitor in windows7?

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I have thought that why need dual display/monitor?
But mow, I think dual display/monitor is very usefull.



1.Check the graphics card of the PC

First、you need to check graphics card of your PC if it supports dual display/monitor or not.

If your PC do not have support, there is a way to replace the graphics card,or buy a new PC.

2.Check terminal to connect the display/second monitor to your PC.

Let's examine whether or not there is a terminal "D-Snb/HDMI" to output a video display/monitor to the computer. Your PC do not have a terminal connected?There is a goods that converting to USB port are selling. USB to VGA Multi Monitor External Video Card Adapter - 1440x900 - USB to VGA External Graphics Card

3.Check display/second monitor is what corresponds to one of the analog/digital?

Before you have a display/second monitor, to put them in either digital or analog ,check the display/second monitor.
Connection terminal of analog and digital from the computer is different.
Analog cable is generally,C2G / Cables to Go 45138 Ultima HD15 Male/Male SVGA Video Cable (6 Feet/1.82 Meters),and Digital cable isAmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable (3 Feet/0.9 Meter) - Supports Ethernet, 3D, and Audio Return [Newest Standard]

4.Is there a place to take a power supply to the monitor?

If the display/second monitor is not a built-in power supply, of course, power supply is required.
It would help to check the power strip is not full.

5.After you connect the display/second monitor ...?

After you connect the display/second monitor, let's settings.
For example, you may need to install the driver first.

In addition, in the case of the windows7,
right-click any empty area of the desktop > Screen resolution
it is on the screen, such as the image below.



Select as a display/monitor the main display/monitor either 1 or 2,and select「Extend these displays」,apply > OK. Now setup is complete

By the way, you can also switch between dual display/monitor, such as the image below in the shortcut of "windows key + P" (windows8 also like this) in the case of windows7. It is convenient.



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