Peach Aviation Reviews in Japan(Kansai International Airport)

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Photos and Reviews when I used the Peach Aviationin Japan(Kansai International Airport)



There is 2 types plan of Peach Aviation.

There are 2 types plan of "Happy Peach Plus" and "Happy Peach".

Happy Peach Plus is the plan of the fee is expensive, but there are benefits in addition to the Happy Peach.

For example, "Time Date Change" is cheap.
And you can also free seat selection's in Happy Peach Plus.

The most benefits of "Happy Peach Plus" is that the checked one baggage is free.

Fees of checked baggage of Peach Aviation is listed on the following link.

Seat of Peach Aviation



This is a photograph which I took from a standard sheet.
I did not feel any problem about seat space in case a few hours.

You need to walk to the airplane.



Meals Peach Aviation

Foods and water are not free.

In-flight sales of Peach Aviation

There are a lot of goods of the flight sales.

Afer all, Peach Aviation is not bad.

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