【2015 Edition】Plugins installed on wordpress in my site

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Become a 2015, I organaized wordpress plugins because there is additional installed/uninstall plugins from the 2014.

Plugins that have been used on 2014 were as follows.

【2014 edition SEO plug-in】plug-in list installed in wordpress
【2014 edition speed up plug-in】 plug-in list installed in wordpress
【2014 edition customized plug-in】 plug-in list installed in wordpress

Plugins that installed in additional

WP Lightbox 2

This plugins can show well the image cleanly(light box).
Originally, I've been using a plug-in called "Simple Lightbox", was changed to a fault occurs in combination with the "photon" of a famous wordpress plugin "jetpack".

More datail information, try the past articles to reference.

wordpress:Lightbox doesn’t work when activate Photon of Jetpack


This plugin can be made table(in the HTML tr,td,..etc tag) easily.
To input HTML tag of the table is taken quite troublesome, so this plugin is very convenient.

Q2W3 Fixed Widget

This is a plugin that can be to come with a side bar(in the PC view).
More datail information, try the past articles to reference.

Q2W3 Fixed Widget: plug-in sticky sidebar with a scroll in wordpress


This plugin to make a slide show. I use the top page in this site.
This is useful when it is troublesome to make a CSS.

Plugins that uninstalled

AdSense Manager

I wanted to lighten the wordpress as much as possible, so I write directly php code in the theme file.
I think that it is convenient if you do advertise test frequently.

Simple Lightbox

As I wrote to "Plugins that installed in additional" of this article, it was replaced with "WP Lightbox 2" because the bug came out.

DB Cache Reloaded Fix

I was unified database cache feature of the famous plugins "W3 TOTAL CACHE".

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