2015 wordpress custom plugin list at my site

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Were summarized by organized plugins wordpress I have installed on the site.

Because it was a long article and look back after you have finished writing,so I has been divided into three articles by purpose category.

At 2015,I write a post about newly install/uninstall wordpress plugins.
【2015 Edition】Plugins installed on wordpress in my site

It is divided as follows.

【2015 wordpress custom plugin】 (This article)

2015 wordpress SEO plugin list at my site

2015 wordpress speed up plugin list at my site

This article is "2015 wordpress custom plugin list at my site".

2015 wordpress custom plugin list at my site

Simple Login Lockdown

Plugins that can prevent unauthorized logins and indiscriminate attacks(the brute force attack) on WordPress. The access from the IP address that failed to the specified number of times or more of the login blocking up to 24 hours.

By the way, how to resolve when your own has been cut off access in the Simple Login Lockdown, please refer to the article.
[How to remove Simple Login Lockdown when you can not log in]

Google Authenticator

At wordpress login screen, Google Authenticator can be used to a "two-step authentication" of google.
It is recommended for enhanced security of wordpress.

WordPress Popular Posts

Plug-in that displays the popular article of wordpress.
Sidebar at the top right of this site , Part of "Popular Articles" is displayed in the "Wordpress Popular Posts".

It is very convenient "past ● within days", "total PV / average daily PV / comments" contents of the article to be displayed such as "size of the thumbnail image", items that can be set at most other.


Plug-in that will be inserted semi-automatically "P tag" and "H tags" in the HTML editor of wordpress.

This is useful because you can be inserted in a single click of the CSS class also like [class = "xxx"].

Admin Post Navigation

Plug-in to insert a link to go to the next and previous article in the management screen.
Here are the image below.



AdSense Manager

Plug-in that can be managed by simply embed PHP code where you want to advertising theme, such as a code (can also be used in advertising or different) Google Adsense.
As well as advertising, SNS and buttons widget, it can be applied.


plug-in to check it for viruses theme file of wordpress.
If your theme is not the one that you downloaded from the official wordpress site, need to be scanned once.

There is also a function of sending an email to daily scan.

Breadcrumb NavXT

Plug-in to display the breadcrumbs.
It is a part surrounded in red in the image below.



The breadcrumb is the navigation for notifying where you are in place now to site visitors.

Broken Link Checker

It is a plug-in to check your landing page is whether it is displayed correctly.

But quite heavy plug-in,so better to uninstall is good when the operation is heavier by installing this plug-in.

Category Posts Widget

Plug-in to view the article in the list of categories in the side bar.
However, the category that can be displayed restricted that one category for one widget.

Method of displaying a list of categories on this site

To create a menu called "Category List" from the [appearance > menu], and then add all the categories in the menu.

And, in the widget's called "custom menu".
I choose the "Category List" in the section of the menu selection.
After displaying in the widget, I have been shaped by the CSS.

Contact Form 7

Famous plug-in to make a contact form.


The ability to automatically save changes history said "revision" when you post an article of wordpress is equipped as standard.
This plug-in makes it deletes the change history that is automatically saved to the database.

Executable PHP widget

The plugin will be able to use PHP code widget.
It is displayed as "PHP Code" in the edit page of the widget.

I am using "Executable PHP widget" for the purpose of selectively using the sidebar to the translation of language by WPML in this site.

PS Auto Sitemap

Plug-in that will create a site map for visitors.

Simple Lightbox

If you use Photon(Jetpack by wordpress.com),I recommend to use "WP Lightbox 2" plugin.
Because "Simple Lightbox" cause some trouble with photon.

When you click on one of the images, it is a plug-in to display cool.

Conflict will often occur such as "do not appear properly" or "does not work" by being affected by the javascript and other plug-ins in a quite frequently when using the plug-in of this Lightbox system in wordpress.

So, I recommend to look for plug-in congenial of your site when trying to use a plug-in Lightbox system.

Standard Widget Extensions

It is a plug-in that comes with after you scroll through the sidebar of wordpress.
Use example displays and related articles and advertising seems to be many.

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

It is a plug-in that can be displayed neatly easily when you introduce the source code, such as HTML and PHP in the blog post.

WP-Table Reloaded

"WP-Table Reloaded" is recommened to use "TablePress".

Plug-in that can be easily inserted table in the article.

WP Total Hacks

Plug-ins which can be easily be customized a subtle part of the wordpress.

- Add Favicon
- Addition of apple-touch-icon
- Delete the anchor more
-From the excerpt, remove the [...]

...etc,it is often helpful to have a multi-function.

WPML Multilingual CMS

Is a manual language translation plug-in.Is a paid plug-in.


Plug-in that can be without changing the .htaccess, make it easier to redirect 301 and 302 to be used at the time of change of moving directory structure or 404 error.

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