2015 wordpress speed up plugin list at my site

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Were summarized by organized plugins wordpress I have installed on the site.

Because it was a long article and look back after you have finished writing,so I has been divided into three articles by purpose category.

At 2015,I write a post about newly install/uninstall wordpress plugins.
【2015 Edition】Plugins installed on wordpress in my site

It is divided as follows.

【2015 wordpress speed up plugin list at my site】 (This article)

2015 wordpress SEO plugin list at my site

2015 wordpress custom plugin list at my site

This article is "2015 wordpress speed up plugin list at my site".

2015 wordpress speed up plugin list at my site

When you instann speed up plugin in wordpress, such as compression and cache are used so many, it is often occurs problem in the pages and images.

So, if you want to install speed up plugin, I recommend to install one by one and to do a check whether the problem is happening or not.

MO Cache

For localized WordPress.
Wordpress are displaying can be translated to the local language whenever it works. It is a plug-in order to keep the cache its translation.
It is necessary to be combined with [WP File Cache] or [Object Cache function of "W3 Total Cache"].

WP File Cache

It will do the same function as the object cache function of [W3 Total Cache].

So,it is necessary to select either [WP File Cache] or [Object Cache function of "W3 Total Cache"].

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

Plug-in you want to scan something like the image below, whether there how much load for each plug-in.



This is useful when you're getting heavier by installing the plug-in wordpress.

WP Minify

"WP Minify" has not been updated for about 2 years in wordpress official site.
It is not happened problem with latest version of wordpress, but I recommend to change "WP Minify Fix".

Order to speed up wordpress, plug-ins that Minify of the JS and CSS.

DB Cache Reloaded Fix

wordpress now by displaying the contents of the page or article in conjunction with the database (such as MySQL).
Plug-in to reduce the procedure by caching the cooperation, to speed up the wordpress as a result.

Before you can install this plug-in, backup and database wordpress is required.
So, we introduce the next "WP-DBManager" is recommended.


Plug-in backup and restore and optimization of database .

things such as "garbage" will continue to accumulate little by little many times and the repeated cooperation with the database wordpress.
Operation of wordpress becomes heavy as a result, it is necessary to optimize the database for clean up the "garbage".
I recomeneded "WP-DBManager" in past articles

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