2015 wordpress SEO plugin list at my site

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Were summarized by organized plugins wordpress I have installed on the site.

Because it was a long article and look back after you have finished writing,so I has been divided into three articles by purpose category.

At 2015,I write a post about newly install/uninstall wordpress plugins.
【2015 Edition】Plugins installed on wordpress in my site

It is divided as follows.

【2015 wordpress SEO plugin list at my site】 (This article)

2015 wordpress speed up plugin list at my site

2015 wordpress custom plugin list at my site

This article is "2015 wordpress SEO plugin list at my site".

2015 wordpress SEO plugin list at my site

All in One SEO Pack

Most famous SEO tools for wordpress.
And replacement of the title, an important setting "Canonical URL" .
It will do other settings necessary for SEO.

There is "All in One SEO Pack>Noindex Setting" column labeled.
If you are to be displayed in the search results of Google's all of your contents, you meet a victim of "panda update" for reasons like "page thin content" "same content duplication".
So, better to put the check is good for pages that you do not want to index.



WordPress Ping Optimizer

I was using a plug-in "cbnet Ping Optimizer", but that it does not correspond up to "wordpress version 3.5.2".
So I changed.

It is a plug-in that can manage the ping transmission.
Leave also log on why the error if the error ping after it is transmitted, and if it is successfully sent.

Google XML Sitemaps

I use it to send an XML site map to Google.
This plug-in is also famous.

Table of Contents Plus

It is a plug-in that will be automatically adds a table of contents of the article.
Contents of this article are also automatically generated by the "Table of Contents Plus".

In response to being divided into a hierarchy by H1 ~ H6 tags, and automatically generates a hierarchical table of contents.

Ultimate Google Analytics

Plug-in to easily insert the code for that measure in access analysis tool "GoogleAnalytics".

Postscript:Google Analyticator

I changed plugin that are compatible with the latest wordpress from "Ultimate Google Analytics" to "Google Analyticator".

Please refer to the article "Google Analyticator Compatible with the Latest WordPress instead of Ultimate Google Analytics".

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

It is a plug-in to view the related article.
Code of the part of the "Related Articles Featured" below on this page, I have use in this plugin.

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