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I had the opportunity to build environment of machine learning with python, I make a note.
Develop environment is windows7 32bit.

1.First, install the python2.7 system
Download and install python2.7 system.
Since there is no backwards compatibility python3.0 system,I recommend python2.0 system until you get used to.

2.Adding Python Path on Windows 7

It looks like this: If you have not changed from the default installation directory of python.


3.Install the pip

pip is a package management tool of python.

Download the from "To install or upgrade pip, securely download [1]" at the following URL.

If you run the following command from the command prompt the downloaded file, install the pip will begin. (Sometimes administrator authority is required)


When the installation is finished, check by typing 'pip' at the command prompt. List of commands that can be specified with the pip is displayed.

4.Install pip the library

Install the library using 'pip' command from the command prompt.

pip install <library name>

You can check the library installed with the following command.

pip list

Library of machine learning system that I have installed.

By the way, libraries that installed are stored in the following folder by default.


matplotlib (1.2.0)
nltk (2.0.4)
numpy (1.7.0)
pandas (0.14.0)
pylearn2 (0.1dev, c:\git\pylearn2)
PyYAML (3.11)
scikit-learn (0.13)
scipy (0.12.0)
Theano (0.6.0)

numpy and scipy, matplotlib did not go well in the 'pip install command'.So, as it is written to the next step, I used the 'windows installer'.

5.numpy and scipy, matplotlib to use the windows installer

Get the windows installer each of the following "Download URL"(sourceforge).


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