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How to think blog topic ideas consistently?

Befere starting to blog, we tend to think that there are a lot of topic ideas to our minds.
But once we start to write down blog posts, we realized that it was mistake.
We do not have much ideas...

So we need to make a system to think blog topic ideas consistently.
We think that it is more easier to use mobile apps for that purpose.

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To keep continue to think blog topic ideas, we need system that easy to do.
Mobile app is the best for the purpose.

Furthermore, there are not so much keywords that people search for something on the internet.
So we would better to limit the variety of keywords.

To narrow down the keywords that people are likely to search, we have to predict the emotions of the people.
Therefore, it is more important that we empathize with people.

By using the apps that I mentioned above, you can save keywords that you want to use in your mobile phone database.
And then, the app pickup 3 keywords from database randomly.
And finally you can think think blog topic ideas from those 3 keywords.

It is easy to use.

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