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For grtting good online business, we need to try to think a lot of ideas.
But how to do that efficiently?

The idea consists of a combination.

So in an analog way, write down keywords(for example: UberAPI,RubyonRails,IOT etc... ) to flashcard.
Next, put those flashcards in envelopes together and shake it.
Then, take 3 cards randomly from the envelope and try to think idea.

But we can not always think ideas on desk.
Perhaps it might come up to you while you are out.

In such a case this app is useful.

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My recommendation to use this app is the following method.

1.Add keywords that trends(for example: share economy), needs/wants(for example: more easy to borrow cars) and modules(for example: UberAPI).
2.There is "Shuffle" button that pick up 3 keywords from keywords which you added.
3.Try to think idea from those keywords.
4.And you can save idea to mobile phone database.
5.That saved idea is listed in app.You can see the list and export by csv format.

When you want to use it at work, you can import into Excel by csv format.

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