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Have you ever thinking you could create blog title in your spare time?
Idea is always come to you with suddenly.

And statistically, catchy blog topic/title idea is easy to come when you are outside.
We need an apps to make a note when outside the house.
So we made it.

You can easy to create blog title by using "Idea Generator Ver2" mobile apps when you have spare time.
Content ideas are also possible to create.

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Eveybody always has their mobile phone in their hand.
We like mobile phone apps.
And mobile phone app is really convenient.

Another great advantage of create blog headline using this apps by hand is more easy to be empathy than auto-generated.
Therefore, it is possible to be shared on the SNS website like Facebook and Twitter.

You will find it quite easy and more efficient to create blog title by using "Idea Generator Ver2".
Please visit "Idea Generator Ver2 :Free App Tool for Create Ideas" page for more information about apps.

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