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This post is about idea generator apps.

Previously, under the influence to "how to think about the idea" is written to the book 'Masayoshi Son' of Softbank, I was taking out the idea using the word card.

'Masayoshi Son' says in this book, there is a pattern of three "combine", "lateral thinking" and "problem solving" in the invention, it seems to have thought the idea in following method.

1.Write a keyword that you came up with the word card.
2.Pick out three random word card.
3.Consider the idea in a way to "combine", "lateral thinking" and "problem solving" from the three keywords.

I was thinking the idea by arranging the word card on the desk, but it has developed a simple app I think wanna think of ideas on the outside.


App Name:Idea Generator,LLC.
Date of updating:2014-10-11
Price: Free
[Download page of Google Play]

How to use the app

1.Add your favorite keyword from the "Add Keyword"

For a list of keywords that have been added in the "Adding a keyword", you can check the tab bar of the app from "keyword list".
In addition, you can edit the keyword by tapping each element in the "keyword list".

2.Make a note of the ideas that came up in the "Add Idea".

When you tap the "Add Idea", three keywords chosen at random from the "keyword list" is displayed.
Make a note of the ideas that came up from the keyword that appears three.

For a list of ideas that have been added in "Adding idea", you can check the tab bar of the app from "idea list".
In addition, you can edit the idea that you noted by tapping each element of the "idea list".

3.Import/Export of data that you have added

"Keyword list":

You can be done in CSV format import/export of data.

As a side note, the existing data will be overwritten when the import of data.

So, if you want to import the keyword in addition to the existing data, (Please do take always backup) by exporting the data once, and then import the data after adding the data you want to add.

Example of csv format import/export
Sample comments,
Any comments,
Some comments,

"Idea List":

You can be done in CSV format export of data.Import function has not been implemented yet.

Example of csv format Export:
Sample idea,
Any idea,
Some idea,

How to save the exported data

After you tap the Export button in the Export page of keyword/ideas list, select by tapping the text area, the menu appears at the top.


For the function of the implementation plan

Batch delete function of the keyword list/ideas list

Until implementation, after being backed up by the export keyword list / ideas list, please do [Press and hold the app icon -> application information -> Erasure of data].

Please contact us from contact page if you have any comments.

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