Return on Investment of Time

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There is word that the ROI (investment cost-effective) in marketing, but it is also an investment time not only money.

For example, investment of time in the marketing

For management resources are limited in marketing of small business, I am very seriously By "imagination and wisdom."

Personally, and I think it is a relationship of "trade-off time and money" in marketing.

If it do not like hang time and spending money.
If it's hate spending money, take time.

Something like a break-even point when you invest time and money

If to a confusing story, value will continue to change with the passage of time also money in finance theory.

It is thought over the balance time and money, if there is an advantage towards the investment of imagination and wisdom is greater than the decrease in the value of money, it makes more sense to invest the time in the end that will be obtained.

Decrease in the value of money over time < Benefits brought about by the imagination and wisdom that has over time

It would be better to invest money honestly say that equation once the above is reversed.

In addition, of course, rather than the above equation if the pursuit of maximum profit,
It will be compared to "benefits to be obtained by investing the time" and "benefits to be obtained by investing money".

Compound interest effect and by-product of the investment time

Just do not forget it will be a by-product, such as its "experience, know-how and knowledge" remains in the case you have invested in your own time.

It is that "investing in yourself" trendy.

There are "knowledge go stacked like compound interest" effect Warren Buffett is famous as investors say.

The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life

In that case, it is a good strategy time is limited to that it does not give you all that came up, squeezing the field, and that's to focus one point.

How to compare in a simple manner if you want to invest money and time investment

With the view that assets such as know-how and skills and business of their own, and then trying evaluated in concept ROI(return on investment), you can calculate the "investment yield" in a simplified manner by the following equation.

ROI(%) = (profit / Investment) × 100

"The amount of assets obtained in the case of invested time" will apply to Investment if you invest time.

"The amount of assets that would be obtained if you have not the time investment" will apply to Investment if you do not invest time.

And the method for which to invest the time or money to various

I do not write it in this article because it is longer, but the subject and how to invest money and time actually there in various ways.

Please refer to the article "Mechanism of business:Necessary for entrepreneurs as small business" of the past in detail.

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